Best drive for scratched CD Audio

Which drive would you recommend for ripping heavily scratched CD’s when Plex Premium and PX755 can do nothing for me? Speed is NOT my goal, I just want to rescue some of my son’s CD Audio discs.

Sorry, but I’m not sure there’s a better audio ripper than the Premium out there.

LiteOn has been good for me, for ripping discs that aren’t in the best condition.


To make it clear: the discs i am talking about are not just somewhat scatched. They look like a car had been rolling over them :smiley:

What LiteOn are you referring too?

LDW-851S (also did the trick after I crossflashed it to SOHW-832S), 1693S, 1635S…I haven’t ripped enough with my 165P6S to tell if it’s as good, as it’s fairly new. :slight_smile:

The 165P6S in my rig is an okay audio ripper, but it’s not real good with scratched CDs. My Premium is excellent at ripping them; so is my LTR-52327S at a fifth of the price.

From my experience Matsushita and Liteon drives are good at readig scrached discs.
But I dont know about discs which look like a car had been rolling over them. Other things you could try instead of buying a new drive which may give better results:

  1. Many CD/DVD rental stores as well as sellers of used CDs have a CD repair kit. Where I live many of these shops do it for a little or no fee. You could try and ask some.
  2. Buy a CD repair kit. There are many of these around. I prefer the Skipdoctor CD Repair Kit which helped me a lot repairing discs (pressed and burned CD/DVDs) which none of my Drives could read (not even liteon and matsushita drive).
  3. You could use some toothpaste and clean your discs with it. But you have to do it gently and not rub to hard. I used this trick many times before I got my repair kit.

I’ve used the wetting fluid (rinse agent) from our dishwasher to clean lightly scratched CDs and it was effective as a one time solution to make the disc readable. I’ve also heard of people using Acrylic floor polish for the same purpose.

I bought a Liteon SHD-16P1S. Initially I was fond of how easily it could read my worst CD’s in EAC. When I checked the files I was baffled: there were lots of clicks and pops.
How can this happen? Never before I had a drive that could not interpret C2 errors correctly (C2 was checked in EAC, secure mode).