Best drive for RIPPING?

I see a lot of threads and forums about BURNING. But I want to know which drive is best for RIPPING cd’s & dvd’s? I assume it’s a plextor but I could be wrong. I’ve been trying to search the various threads and reviews and I honestly don’t see a lot of information on this. Can someone either point me to the right place or give me a list of some of the most reliable, accurate drives for RIPPING and why?


Hi facesnorth,
for dvd ripping i would go for the 22x series from samsung, and with Codeking’s patch utility it can reach 16x with dual layer media and 18x with single layer media, as for cd’s i dont have any info.

Ripping with stock firmware: Lite-On 22x

Ripping with patched firmware: Samsung 22x

Lite-On drives are fast readers/rippers out of the box. Samsung drives can become fast readers/rippers with special modified firmware.