Best drive for rip and scan?

I am looking for a dvd drive would give me fast rip and accurate scan, will be using with benq 1655. thanks

I think a LITE-ON LH-20A1P (or H if you want another Lightscribe capable unit) would compliment the BENQ nicely.

Thank you for the replying, do you know if 20A1H will work and any better?
Also there is so many model for lite-on, and what is the different between LH-20a1p-185 and LH-20a1p-186?

The only difference between the H and P is lightscribe. Both are essentially the same apart from the Lightscribe feature. My drive is a Model: LH-20A1P186C (retail).

I second that :clap:

Excellent drives with awesome features , speed and burning quality :slight_smile:

Agreed, I’d go for the LiteOn as well.