Best Drive for reading DVD's IDE, Internal, looking for

Sorry for the funny title, I have been reading around here for a while now, and I am looking for a good drive for reading / creating iso’s… I currently have a Plextor PX716a that is a great drive, but looking for something that does a better / faster job of reading dvd’s. If this same drive is a good burner that is fine, but my main concern is a fast accurate read, and which drives do the best of reading “not so ideal” media?

main stipulations
standard 5.25" internal drive bay
standard ATA/100/133 IDE interface, could use sata also on one of the machines, but the other one would require IDE.

I have been looking around, but having a hard time deciding which one, will probably also be ordering from newegg as I do not have much to chose from locally, so the selection is pretty large.

I would recommend LG, Sony, Pioneer and Optiarc! Welcome to the forum.

LG, ok, I actually can get LG drives locally at a reasonable price, I will have to go check that out.

I would actually recommend a Lite-ON LH-20A4P/20A1P/20A3P (sort in priority)

Most Sony are rebadged drives, the Sony/NEC/Optiarc AD-7190A is actually a rebadged Lite-ON DH-20A3P

The Lite-On does reading: 16X DVD±R/ROM , 12X DVD±DL/RW, no riplock at stock, strong error correction, quality scan, tons of official and third party utility + modded firmware to play with :wink: