Best drive for reading copyprotected/scratched discs?



Hi guys

I need a DVD-ROM drive that excells in the following areas:

  1. Fast reading of SafeDisc and Securom protected discs
  2. The ability to read very scratched Audio-CD’s fast
  3. The ability to rip very scratched DVD-Video discs fast

Hope I’m not asking for too much. My current DVD burners are just not up to the job. They are too slow and not very good with scratched media. I was actually considering either a Toshiba SD M1802 or a Lite-On 166S but any make/model suggestions are welcome.



Hi pdu,

1) For reading SafeDisc protected discs I prefer my LiteOn166S as it’s faster in skipping the read errors, for SecuROM protected discs I’m using my Toshiba drives because they are much better in creating a good quality BWA or MDS file while the LiteOn is not very good in this case.
2) LiteOn166S, compared to my Toshiba drives it’s the winner.
3) LiteOn166S, also got better results using my LiteOn.

this is my personal experience so I hope this is a little help for you :).

p.s. I read that the SD-M1802 is using another chipset as the TOSHIBA SD-M series used before. I don’t know if this is bad or good, some more skilled members from the hardware forum will know more about this.


Thanks for replying. Unfortunately the SD-M1802 is the only model I can get hold of in Denmark. So far the 166S seems to be the natural choice - except for the fact that EAC reports it caches audio data, which is not good (and slower btw).


Maybe you take a look for a used TOSHIBA SD-M1xxx, got my SD-M1402 for about 10 EURO :).

If you’re concerning to point 2) it’s just about skipping read errors faster as the TOSHIBA drives using the most common backup programs Alcohol, CloneCD and Blindwrite.


This is a bit outdated info but I recall Hitachi GD-2500 is/was very tolerant to scratches.