Best drive for reading CD's and DVD's?

Hello everyone.

I was looking on the net for suggestion for the best readers. I already have a NEC-3500, and it works great for writing cd’s and dvd’s, however some of my old collections are on old, and many cases cheap CD media, that some drives fail to read.

I found that one of the Aopen DVD rom drive is the best in terms of DVD error correction and it’s a great DVD reader, but i’m after the best CD reader drive ever made
(not that it might be an cdrw, dvd or even dvdrw drive that just happens to be the best CD media reader, and the dvd capability is not important)

I’m looking for a drive which will be the best at (in order of importance):
-good at reading scrached/cheap/old/poor quality CD media
-good at reading all the copy protected CD’s
-good at reading dvd’s
-good at dvd copy protection’s

what i dont care about:
-i dont mind waiting a while longer, so speed is not a priority at all
-i dont care how much it costs (well…no i dont want to spend $10000, but it has to fit standard PC)
-scsi or ide or even sata - I dont really care
-i dont care wheher it has a cd/dvd writing capability

Thanks in advance for any input.

i used dvd rw of toshiba 5112 it is the best reading dvd and i burn with nec 3500

hey I just got the Aeopen and this thing is LOUD
and sometimes it sounds like it is vibrating or something is loose
but it reads good, just ripped a DVD at 8.3x average, 12.2x max

But i’m more after ability to read poor quility/scratched cd and dvd media… CD

i think alot of people are going to recommend LiteOn drives like the 167T DVD-ROM theres also the 166 as far as i know they are both very good for ripping and reading scratched/poor quality discs.

I think the Liteon 166/167 are not th best choice for reading poor media, they are more than good for speedy rippings.
A Pioneer DVD-ROM (or a rebadged Plextor) is probably the better choice for poor media…

I never could have a Pioneer DVD-ROM. Pioneer DVR-A08 now is cheaper than Pioneer DVD-ROM was a few years ago. (Of course, I don’t buy a DVD-ROM drive for reading DVD-ROM and CD-ROM at all.)

I’d recommend you go for a pioneer dvd writer I’ve never had a problem with any of them reading disks,
my latest was the 107 and it read everything that my toshiba 1612,nec2500,3500
and aopen1648 pro failed to.