Best drive for playing backup/securom/Twin Peaks games


I’ve read many posts on this topic. But it seems many of the drives are out-dated/obsolete.

I’ve heard that liteon ltd-166 are good drives. But I can’t even find the drive on the liteon website (or even a local store selling in Canada)??

So I’m looking for a new model drive that works with playing twin peaks securom games. I’ve successfully burned a game using twin peaks and was able to play it on the (my friends) Sony DRU710A or DRX710UL combo drive (ironic isn’t it?), but it wouldn’t play on my AOPEN 5232 cd-rw drive or a LG 52x32x52 cd-rw drive.

Please suggest a relatively cheap and readily avbailable DVD-ROM or CD-RW drive that works.


Hi geek and welcome to the forums,

PlexWrite Premium is the best for SecuROM, no question about that, write a back-up from that and thats the best you will get. But playing from it any drive should do, but I would suggest a Lite-ON DVD Rom drive, as this is good for playing SafeDisc backups from as well.

If you’re in the UK, try, or theres always eBay :).

I can highly recommend the Lite-on SOHC-5232K Combo drive. It has never failed to read and write a game “Protected” securom. So far I have test it with > securom 5(Latest Ver. tho I havnt tryed Ver. 7 yet) SafeDisk 1 - 4.0. Also as securom (5 @least) does not check ATIP you do not need to hide the media. Tho you will still need to for SafeDisk 2.4 >. If you are in the UK then I can also recommend Overclockers UK. They sell the 5232K for £33 incuding VAT and P&P