Best Drive for KProbing

If I want to get a LiteOn burner that would give the most accurate result in KProbe… what will it be? 832S/1213S/812S? Maybe wait for the 5S drive :stuck_out_tongue:

The differences between models are mostly small. There’s as much variations between “identical” drives as there is between different models. It’s not a question of “accuracy”, but of each drive’s reading characteristics. The 832 and 1213 are generally very good readers.

My 1213S was a very good reader at 12x but it reported a lot more errors at 4x than my 451S@832S and 812S@832S. It was not able to burn at 8x, so I returned it. My new one turns up tomorrow, so I will let you know how it compares to the last one.

Have never seen that here, except with crappy discs.

It had nothing to do with the quality of the discs. The 1213S drive was seeing more errors, than both the 451S and 812S, on the same disc, which means it was not as good a reader as the other two.

That’s arguable. Discs with marginal quality can often exhibit such behaviour at different scan speeds and in different drives. All it really means is that one drive likes the reflectivity of the disc more than another. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that if you take a known good quality burn and scan it at on the same drives, you will not see the same results.

I’ve also seen some speed-related reading anomalies with the 1213S firmwares, that are “cured” by use of a certain custom firmware, which would seem to suggest that the hardware is not at fault. But this too, (at least for me), was with marginal quality discs, which we know the 1213 is good at creating.