Best drive for DVD scanning?

Hi folks, curious what is a drive you’d recommend for disc scanning. I have hundreds of archived DVDs that I scan on occasion to be sure the data is secure.

I’ve been out of the loop for years. I recently purchased a used DW-1620 in hopes of using to scan discs, however it causes system hangs when I try to erase or record any DVD. Seems to do okay with CDs, and also scans DVDs okay. I suppose I could use it as a scanner only, but would be nice if I could burn DVDs with it. I think it’s probably the IDE controller I have (older PCI card) and/or outdated drivers for Windows 10; probably not the drive at fault.

That said, I’'d like to replace it with a Blu-Ray or good DVD drive that has scanning capabilities in CD Speed / Diskspeed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sure wish I could get the Benq to work, those really were good scanning drives, and the DW1620 has the additional “feature” of a red writing LED indicator :slight_smile:

It was a good drive back in it’s day, but yours seems to be worn out right now.
I would go for a modern Lite-on for scanning. Any model should do.
You will also have strategies for newer discs and faster write and read speeds.

You will get different answers for the “best one” :wink:

Some say, Benq is still the best because it´s more sensible than scanners with MTK-chipsets.

But because my Benq 1640 show very different reults with same DVD, my guess it´s not the best. Maybe because the OPU getting old, but a new Benq-drive will be hard to find.

Other thing is the Benq show sometimes POF but can read the media without any problems, that´s strange.

For scan DVD I use mostly my LiteOn iHAS 124 F. It´s cheap, almost everywhere to get and my 124 have scanned atm more than 1000 DVD-media and still works (also use it as writer, but not that often)

But this writer is not made to scan CD-media