Best drive for DVD-R and CD-R burning in a duplication tower?

Okay, I’m replacing the drives in a duplication tower that we have, so I need 7 new DVD/CD burners to put in them.

I will be using 8X Taiyo Yuden media for burning DVD-Rs, and 52X Ritek media for burning CD-Rs. The way I have the duplication tower set up, it performs a verification and a comparison check after burning, and tells if any of the copies fail.

So, what drive would be the best choice for this purpose? I was leaning towards the Pioneer DVR-111D, but wasn’t sure if the Benq 1650 would be better.

Your thoughts? Thanks for the helping the newbie :slight_smile:

No one?

The tower doesn’t scan, eh?
In this case, get LG GSA-H10N, or LG GSA-H10A. It can even get along with 16x Taiyo Yuden media very well, and its burning quality is unparalleled. It performs excellent with 8x TY or 52x Ritek. :wink:
LGs like quality media (yes, [B]Arachne[/B])…

The BenQ 1650 is a very good CD burner, although as I don’t use -R media as a rule, I couldn’t tell you how it performs with it. My guess would be OK.

Both drives are excellent for use in a computer, but I don’t have any experience with the specific issues that might relate to using drives in a duplication tower.

I don’t have a Pioneer DVR-111 series drive myself, but my BenQ DW1655 (same as a 1650 plus LightScribe) is in general my best drive for most DVD media and also fairly good for CD-R media.

My NEC ND-4551A is my best CD burner, but my worst desktop DVD burner, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your purpose.

Please keep in mind that there are individual variances in all drives, so other people may have different experiences with the same drives.