Best drive for DVD quality scanning


I am thinking of picking up the newly released Pioneer DVR-110 drive next week though am tired of the innacurate and dodgy results in scanning that the pioneer drives deliver. Optical drives are cheap enough now now that I should be able to pick up a second one just for scanning. Again I don’t plan on doing any burns on the other drive unless it is proven to do better than my 110. I am just looking for the best scanning drive around. Any help please?


A great deal of the scan results seen on CD Freaks are done using a Benq 1620, which is also a damn good burner. Presumably the 1640 will supercede this in time. The benq also tests jitter but I don’t really know how important that is.

I’m happy with my 1620 for both burning & scanning. I also have an LG4163b which I prefer for some media , particularly Ritek G05s.

Whatever one you get you’ll find it better at some media than the Pioneer & vice versa so use them accordingly.

DW1620 is the choice for DVD quality scanning for many because it’s cheap, reliable, feature-rich, etc. Plextor PX-712A and PX-716A have some features not found in DW1620 but they cost a lot more and take a lot more time to scan.

Lite-On DVD writers have been used for far longer and are still used by many including many reviewers. I personally prefer BenQ DW1620 to Lite-On SOHW-1613/1633/1653/1673/1693 series because it seems faster to scan and interpret the scan results (and also scans jitter.)

Hm… btw, what do you need a Pioneer DVR-A10 for? :slight_smile:

The original drive for scanning is Liteon. BenQ will also scan accurately but the scanning interval is more precise for Liteon and as some long time users have stated why would you use a drive for scanning that is less precise when you have a choice.

I would recommend the Liteon 1693. I have used one for three months now and not only does it scan well compared to other Liteon drives I have used, it also is one of the better burners I have tested. I have tested mine with TYG01, TYG02, TDK TTG02, Ridata R03, TY T02, and Verbatim MCC 003 at 6X and they all are rated AA+ or better by my standards. This means they deliver very low max error levels (PIE from 5-20) and total PIE under 75,000 with total PIF under 250.

Thanks for your responses guys, much appreciated. I figured it would be narrowed down to either BenQ or a liteon. Guess I will check around for best bang for the buck.

Again thank you.

BenQ 1640 :wink:

I have to agree… BenQ 1640. :bigsmile:

again thank you!