Best drive for DVD burning



What internal drive (full-sized, not slim), currently produced, do you recommend? I’m using mostly MCC004 discs by Verbatim. The burning quality is most important (not necessarily at higher speeds - I’m using 8x, usually). The possibility of testing disc quality is welcome, but not necessarily.


A Pioneer BDRE drive, an LG BDRE drive, or a LiteOn DVDRW drive, in that order.

I’m leaving Samsung’s DVDRW drives out because they’re kinda mediocre or buggy.

Asus drives are rebadges of LiteOn, Samsung, or LG drives.

There’s not really another manufacturer of full size (half height) drives.

Pioneer doesn’t do its own DVDRW drives anymore (though the drives they rebadge are okay). LG’s most recent DVDRW drives are also okay, but offer a very limited selection of speeds (in the event you got discs that managed to work at a lower speed). That’s why I mention the BDRE drives for those two specifically.

But neither can scan, so you’d end up with a LiteOn for scanning.


Thank you for answer. I don’t plan to burn BD in the near future, so because of the price I choose LiteOn DVDRW drive.