Best drive for DAE of scratched discs?




I’m ripping a lot of my cd’s to flac and some are of course scratched… Although any cd-r/dvd-r can read a good disc, which ones do the best with scratched discs?

Looking for CURRENTLY shipping/manufactured drives…also on the recent drive tests dont seem to test for scratched discs…

What are some good ones to use? Prefer IDE …


No drive is going to perform magic if the disks are badly scratched…Too many crc errors will be encountered. Take your disks to a professional cleaning / polishing service and see if they can improve the data surface of the disks such that they can be read.


Welcome to the forum. BenQ burners are well know as good readers for scratched DVDs. As the CDs are with a different laser I don’t know if they are good there as well but it is worth trying.


my Plextor Premium CD-RW has read some of my terribly scratched discs…highly recommended for DAEing your CD collection…


Of course, Premiums have been unavailable for a while now. :sad:

Glad I got mine when I did.


true…keep forgetting about that major point :doh:



I go along with chas0039 regarding the BenQ’s well known ability to read through scratches - and at a moderate cost too-eh!



From what i’ve read Exact Audio Copy uses a feature where it scans the disc several times trying find errors and scratches in the disc. It then tries to compensate for them when it extracts the file. I believe it’s called ‘Secure Mode’. I’ve never used it because luckily my cd’s are scratched so i don’t know how well it works.