Best drive for audio extraction?

Can you guys recommend a good (SATA) drive for audio extraction? I am using Exact Audio Copy and looking for accuracy above anything else. The drives I’m looking at are Samsung SH-203 (when I can actually find one, they seem hard to find now) and Pioneer’s DVR-216, however, I’m really not sure if one is better than the other, or if either drive has any particular weaknesses. I’d love some advice as I can never seem to come to any conclusion!

BTW, my current CD/DVD drive is an OEM BenQ DW1640 which has been awesome for around 3 years, but I feel it’s probably time to go SATA now.

Hi, you should also take a look to the LiteOn drives. They are very good for audio extraction.

I use my LiteOn LH-20A1H - haven’t come across any problems yet. PATA drive, though.

The Optiarc 7200s is great for extraction and burning!

Thanks all. I might take a look at the Optiarc. The Pioneer DVR-216 is pretty much impossible to find, for some reason? I thought these had been available for a few months already but they seem thin on the ground.