Hi People,

I am always downloading the latest cd/dvd software, and full dvd movies etc. I used to get all my downloads from EMULE, it was great, and v fast!

anyway iv now stopped because its potentially unsafe for me, i downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of stuff. And i do not want to get caught for copyright.

using programs such as emule, you are able to be tracked via ur IP address.

I spoke to a guy who knew his stuff on downloading, and he said you can download anything you want without get caught going through “hubs” (or sumat like this), still kinda on a peer-peer basis.

Can anyone recommend the best option for downloading without being tracked?



i use emule plus…i run peer guardian while running emule plus…i think any p2p will be potentially unsafe no matter what u do. you can keep your self somewhat safe if you dont share…i know thats wrong, but if u wanna be safe, thats the only way…

cheers for ur input!

but know, not sharing wont solve the problem, the ip address can still be tracked, basically if ur ip is openlly availble which is the normal case any of us are at risk of being prosicuted! been doin it for years me, and i defo know there is a way around it, someone out there knows how!

cheers dude,


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