Best download manager

hello… can anyone recommend me the best download manager out there ??? i tried most of them and just want to know your view. thank you

flashget has always been good to me

Originally posted by ckin2001
flashget has always been good to me

agrees 100%

yep, flashget has been perfect for my uses.

Ive tried some, but rely on Netpumper for the moment: Free, not too much annoying extra’s and greatly configurable :smiley:

never had problems with download accelerator

Download Accelerator gets great speed for me…I’ve tried getright too but very poor compared to DAP.

Getright works fine for me.

Flashget for me. Netpumper was an arse and locked everthing.

DAP has spyware :Z
spybot s&D

i’m currently using download express by Metaproducts…

“Internet download manager” is a good one I got off cnet, downloads on IE where i got 15k/s i got 105k/s with this program.