Best Download Manager

I’ve always used Getright for downloading multiple file’s but does anyone else know of any better progs to use???

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Suggest FlashGet (

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Im using Firefox with FlashGot but its saying i need another download manager?

bjkg wasn’t talking about the mozilla plugin FlashGot, but the program FlashGet… :wink:
flashgot is just a plugin to integrate (nearly any) downloadmanager in FF / mozilla, 'coz many d-load-managers don’t handle this theirself.

I use NetAnts. It’s kinda like flashget, but it’s cleaner and somehow easier to understand. It has 2 drawbacks: 1) comes with Cydoor, but you can download the fake cd_clint.dll file and have it run without spyware, and 2) it’s rather old, so it seems to have trouble downloading very large files. It won’t download the 2gb dvd iso of Mandrake Linux, for instance, but will download the 3 cd ISOs just fine.

well, i’m on dialup and i (still) use GetRight 5.2d.
old, but (IMHO) very good, supports everything i need and (also IMHO) very serious. no spyware / adware installed with it and easy to use.

I seem to remember that GetRight did, actually, have spyware. If you have antispyware programs on that don’t detect anything then I’m wrong, but if you don’t you’d better check…

getright had spyware, but not anymore.

In my opinion flashget is one of the better download manager.

It will be perfect if could have a feature that I find only in getright: the save options

Hidownload is very good especialy if you want to d/l streaming media.

wget is the best to use, hands down