Best DL writing program?



Hi all, short time reader, first time writer…be nice.
Anyway, trying to write DL dvd’s of my own home movies. Using DVDLabPro as my authoring program, have the files that go into the Video TS folder.

Now, whenever I try and write my DL DVD using Nero, I’m at about 30% success, with 70% coasters.

My question, assuming this isn’t a burner problem, what programs would be better for burning my DL DVD’s?



Welcome to CDFreaks RobinIII

For a bought Program I use DVDFab Plat

For a Free program I use Imagburn

I also use Imagburn with the DVDFab Plat product

Link in my sig to Imagburn


Have to agree, ImgBurn.


Imgburn is a good free burner program to use but if you don’t have the program to decrypt the protected dvd you can’t do much to backup your dvd. I for one like to keep it at least close to one program to do all of the process. I go with Anydvd to decrypt and then use CloneCD or CloneDVD to backup the dvd.

trying to write DL dvd's of my own home movies

Another option you could try before burning is to run your output through FixVts. VOB files should be contained within the VIDEO_TS folder.


Thanks for the options folks. I’ll try these options and let y’all know if I have any other questions.

Thanks again!


You are welcome, good luck.