Best DL Writers

Decided to make a thread on this. What are some opinions on the best dual layer media burners?

I think this would fit best in the Burners forum…moving it there. :wink:

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My LiteOn LH-20A1H does quality - and +R DL very well (Verbatim).

I’ve owned the Lite-ON LH-20A1P, Pioneer DVR-111D, Pioneer DVR-112D, LG GSA-H22N, BenQ DW1640, and BenQ DW1655, and would say that the Pioneer DVR-111D and 112D have done the best job so far.

Thanks guys. I have a question on why the price varies so much at a place like Newegg compared to a chain store like best buy.

You can get the Pioneer DVR-112D at Newegg for $33, however, models such as LG and Samsung at BestBuy cost upwards of $60? Why so much cheaper at Newegg?

There are probably a few various reasons.

First of all, the Pioneer 112D at newegg is probably OEM (bare drive, no software/cables), while Best Buy has the retail unit. Also, many people are wary of ordering things online and then having to wait and trusting UPS to deliver it, i.e. they’d rather have a physical product they can see before they buy it. Finally, there are people who wait for the drive to go on sale at Best Buy or at least for a 12% off coupon from Best Buy to arrive in the mail.

Any other thoughts on the best dual layer burners? Is Pioneer DVR-112D really the best?

me too looking for a New Drive should i go for Pioneer DVR-112D ?