Best DL media compatible with home DVD player?

I’m looking for a dual layer dvd brand that is most compatible with standard home DVD players. I am creating home movies and am attempting to burn them onto +R DL disks with very bad success. I’ve tried HP, Memorex, and Verbatim, all at a variety of write speeds, with book type set to ROM or not. The results are always that when my dvd player (Sony DVP-NS300) gets to the second layer in the disk it starts skipping and eventually stops playing the disk. I’ve tried the HP 840i lightscribe burner and the Sony DRU-120C (with the MYR5 firmware). Both have the same results. Any ideas?

Verbatim DL+R is the best. Have you tried lower speeds?

Yeah. With the Verbatim +R DL I’ve got the 8x media and have tried them at 8x and at 4x (which is the slowest speed that Nero 7 will let me burn them at). Same results. When my home player gets to the second layer on the disk it starts skipping and acting all crazy.

For DL disks, use Imgburn. It does a much better job with the layer change.

Try another player, as it’s possible that your burns are ok and your player is just picky. I know that Sony Players in the past were sometimes very picky about media so that may be the biggest issue.

Thanks, I’m trying it out right now.