Best DL burner?

I currently have a Plextor 716A in my current system that burns 2.4x verbatim +R DLs great that play in my set top dvd player fine.

However, I am building a new AM2 athlon system and bought a plextor 755SA. The 755SA cannot and will not burn ANY DL disks at all in the new system. I tried the new firmware, but no go. New drivers, everything, 6 $3 coasters later, it don’t work! I even swapped it out in my current system in place of my 716A, but no go.

I am going to return it, however, who makes a DVD DL burner that burns DL the best? I don’t care about speed, all I want is a reliable burn that will play in my settop DVD player.

All I burn is +R DL.

From what i’ve read here around the forum, the Pioneer 111-D is pretty good at burning DL+ media. Here’s a link to the review .

Yup, Pioneer 111 updated w/ Dangerous Bros. latest & greatest (111L 8.26 - internal)

I hardly doubt that, most likely you have tried with crap DL media…