Best DivX Player? Need Help

Hi all,

I need to buy 4 standalone DivX Players (1 for me, 3 for family members).

I’ve done some research on the web but there is either a lack of info about players I’ve seen… or even worse than that, conflicting views ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous (who do I believe :confused: ).

I’m going to buy 4 so I need it do be a decent player. It doesn’t have to look good, record on a hardrive, etc. But it needs to be STABLE and be able to handle almost any movie file that I throw at it.

So, can anyone recommend a decent DivX Player? OR, a website that gives good info/specs/comparisons about DivX Players.

Any help would be much appreciated. :bow:

I have 2 of the phillips divx players & they work great for divx and about any other thing you can throw at it except for Nero’s digital mpeg4.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you have a model number for your Phillips player so that I can do some more research?

Cheers Buddy.

I have a LG DV 9900, (for about 1,5 year) in my opnion very nice player, plays most popular codecs (xvid,divx wmv… including srt / idx support). :slight_smile:

Wont play ‘H264’ encoded avi’s / matroska format or Avi’s with higher resolution then 720x576 unfortunatly :frowning: , but most won’t play these at the moment as far as i know.

Is there even divx player that play H264 ? :o

Euhmm… maybe the more expensive players, (kiss etc) which you can connect to the internet, with updateable firmware etc… don’t know.

Or for instance ; A windows media home center - bare bone system could be considered as a standalone player, although a very expensive one for that matter, or you could alternatively connect a laptop / PC with ‘s-video out’ to your tv that would play everything your pc can play, but is of course a lot noisier / more of a hassle :rolleyes: