Best disks for 2510a?

I have Datasafe GO4 disks - poor reads but play on dvd player ok

1 Taiyo 8x disk written at 8x and a good read from nero dvd speed

Verbatim 4x +RW - playing ok on dvd player but very very slow reads (2x)

I have an unopened pack of infiniti +r 4x (daxon i think) which i am going to send back to place i bought from becasue i have read bad things about em.

Cant decide which disks to buy

can anyone recommend a decent disk that doesnt cost the earth ?

I always had good results with Ricoh discs. (RICOHJPNR01 for 4x and RICOHJPNR02 for 8x).
My discs were labelled Tevion and Platinum and they were all distributed by BestMedia.

i got some Legacy 4x dvd-r from at the same time i bought 2510a for $15 for 25 pack.
Burnt 5 of them for movies and dvd mp3, all are great, reading is also fine from nd2510a, compaq dvd-rom and pioneer standalone dvd player.
i’ll put more info about those disc…later.
i saw is now selling 50 pack for 19.99. that’s cheap…

I am not sure if this works with Harrie’s fm for 8x burning as i haven’t upgraded the firmware yet. waiting for 2510 version. :0

Infiniti discs are reasonable at the price although I would go for the Samurai discs they sell as they use a Sony dye on their discs and are ridiculously cheap. £16.44 on ebuyer for 50 discs.

Attached a burn of 1 daxon disc on NEC-2500. Seems alright apart from the spike at the end, which could be my computer I suppose, so might be worth your while using them

just attaching MID codes for Legacy 4x dvd-r disc that i mentioned earlier. :slight_smile:

hmmm… I was given a gigastorage disc once with some info on it, and it took me a few hours to finally get the data off… and that was with my litey 165. Everything else CRC’d on it like crazy.
My NEC eats up verbatim 4@8x for lunch and begs for more.
at £16 for 25 from, they’re only 50p more expensive than the datasafe +Rs I used to use.