Best discs to backup box sets/shows

In your opinion, what type of blank DVD’s are best to backup big box sets? I was thinking if it’s a season set with 4 or more DVD’s, using a dual layer 5.8 (is that right?) would be best. Assuming with that type you can backup 2 DVD’s worth of shows onto 1 disc?

Also, if I’m just backing up regular computer files what DVD-RW is best? I’ve heard that Maxells are the worst. They just become coasters or abstract ashtrays. I know it’s silly, but I got the complete Buffy boxset for Christmas. I want to keep it pristine.

Dang! One more question :rolleyes: I’ve had DVD Albums you can get at stores, but they wound up scratching up my DVD’s. Is there a good brand that will not scratch up DVD’s? You’re all life savers. Thanks!

Verbatim for dual layer (8.5gb) is the only choice.

Likewise I only use Verbatim RW media. Their 6x -RW are particularly good.

For anything else then again it’s Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden or Infiniti (particularly their 16x +R).

BTW I watched every Buffy episode as well.