Best dial up Modem please?

Have new PC with modem giving me 33.2.
My other PC gives me 44.6 on same line.
Which is best buy for new ?
Don’t mind spending if value for money !

elsa microlink 56k basic (serial-port)

gives me 48.0 on my line, this hasn’t been beaten with any other modem here on this line… high speed modem surfing… LOL :bigsmile:

funny d-loading with great 5,0 kb/sec… :slight_smile:

go broadband if that’s an option…

Intel 56k v90 or v92

They are around $10 ($12 shipped)

Good deal here and free S&H:

and the Intel PRO here:

There are about 3 Modem chipsets that I hold in high regard.

  1. The original Serial/ISA Rockwell ACF 56k (preferably the 2 Megabit ROM version for dual protocol)
  2. The Rockwell/Conexant HCF (2 chip) and RH56 (1 chip) - controllerless semi-hardware
  3. The Intel “HaM” range - again, controllerless semi-hardware
Some tweaks for the 536 (a later version of the HaM) there - it seems it may need some help to pin it down to V90, as it seems to try too hard to get to V92

Any modem that’s hardware based, perferably Rockwell.