Best deals you will ever see on Maxell CDRs $ DVDRs!


100 PACK CDR $6.50
50 DVDR $6.00

good luck! :clap:

I’ll elaborate on this, use the coupon code to get 50% off on maxell media
the code is [B]71090134[/B]




Just a warning, Maxell Ritek media are not as good as the old 8X maxell Ritek

I am in for CD-R, but not the DVD Media

Order over $50 gets free shipping
I am trying to do an instore pickup so far no luck.

I ordered 1000 CD-rs for 69.00 shipped to my home about 30 minutes ago with no problems.

good luck!

ordered mine for pickup, 4 spindles of cdr for $27.77

How good are the Maxell CD-R’s?

Scans, experience with, anything would help.

Depends on which line they are. The CD-R Pro line are rebadged Taiyo Yuden, so of course they are excellent.

You’re joking, right? RITEKF1, RITEKF16, RITEKP16, and other 16x codes are WAY better than 8x RITEKG05, etc.

My screen shows Pickup Only.

Maxell CDR’s are often Ritek, Ive used them for data transfers and short term storage etc and they have perfomed well. Although ive not done any long term storage on them, although my Fuji Riteks, same ATIP have been very good for long term storage/backups.

Ritek CD-R’s though not as good as TY have been very good (this includes all brands I have used them under)

I wouldn’t hesitate to get some at this cheap price.

I had Maxell CD-R also prodisc it is totally useless

No sir, my statement is pertaining to Maxell Ritek only and not all Ritek In general. Basing on personal experience under Maxell Ritek 8X and Maxell Ritek 16X, I had more coasters under the 16X burning at the rated speed. And not just me, I have witnessed same thing.

CD-R have been out for years and most companies have perfected them or almost near perection, so not to worry too much. Ritek, as you can tell, I hate the brand, but they are pretty good for making CDR

They canceled my order “Coupon not valid anymore” said the guy who called after I placed the order.

Yeah, the deal is dead now. Because of a bug, some people were ending up with order totals of $0.00, so OD killed the coupon.

Yep, OD got flooded with orders because the early coupon glitch gave 100% off instead of 50%. Some people ordered thousands of DVDs and their orders came out to $0.00.

went to store to p/u my order, they asked for the coupon. so no go for me either. They better not charge my credit card

Yea, i went on earlier to use the coupon code on the cd’s and it didn’t work. On top of that, it says they didn’t have anymore spindles of dvd’s left…only cd’s.

I bought only CD-Rs since I dont have any faith in Ritek DVD media at all. But they did not allow me to pick up the 4 spindles I ordered last night. They want to see the coupon

If you say so. I won’t touch any Prodisc or CMC Mag made CD-Rs with a 10 foot pole. Very easy to scratch and they are the first of any of my discs to fail. To say nothing of them flaking apart. At this point I won’t take them even if they are given to me.