Best deal on mail order Cases?

What is the best deal that can be found on the internet for mail order empty DVD cases?

You might want to be more specific and where you live for mail order help.

I tend to like myself. Amoray cases start at 15 cents a piece for singles (50 piece min) and drop from there. What can kill you is the shipping. If you can find a place that is local to you that you can do a willcall order and pickup to save the shipping you’re better off. By the way they are located in Los Angeles California, I just Ordered 500 CDR’s 200 DVDR’s 500 Labels and 200 Jewel cases, it came in 3 boxes and the shipping was around 60 bucks. But the overall price still beat my other vendors this time. It was only shipped to Ventura California under 100 miles away.