Best Current SATA Drive for Dual Layer Burns?


I was hoping someone could give some quick advice on what is the generally accepted as the best SATA based Dual Layer burner out at the moment.

I have over the past year or so lost track of the current range of burner models, the most current burners I have are the IDE’s Benq 1650 and NEC 3540 and 3530 which both have served me well since 2006, but I constantly feel the technology for safe coaster free Dual Layer drive burning may have improved in these last year or so.

I am also planning on setting up an entirely SATA based system and want to ensure the drive I buy is the best at my major goal, which is both Bitsetting of SL/DL DVD+R media and also more importantly high quality DVD Dual Layer burning performance, on even those less than stellar Dual Layer media (I.E CMC Mag D04/02).

Thanks for anyones suggestions.

I just recently built a SATA rig and came from a BenQ 1655 and an NEC 3540a to a Samsung 203B and a Pioneer 215D. Both the Sammy and Pio are excellent SATA drives and I will be getting an NEC 72XXs soon to compliment them.

Hi :slight_smile:
Pioneer DVR-215(D).
For bitsetting use ala42’s MCSE. :bow:
NEC 72** series appear to do well going by scans posted here.
L&D’s patched f/w required for bitsetting.
N.B. Bitsetting for DL+ media is already set by default.
Though I have the NEC 7203S, I still prefer my Pioneer 215D.
Quicker reader/ripper (upto 1 min with pressed DL’s).
Better DL burner (especially with mediocre media).
But the NEC does produce very good burns.
A first for me.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

After reading around the forums and from your suggestions I was in a quandary about selecting from one of these four.

  1. Liteon Burner (mainly for its scanning ability too).
  2. Samsung 203b
  3. Pioneer 215d
  4. NEC/Optiarc 7200s.

I was not sure on what exactly the latest Liteon was, as the naming structure Liteon is using is very strange and also it seems the A4S (which you would assume is newer than A3S/A1S) is using older hardware than the A3S? So that was out. I will probably wait until an A5S model is released before I buy.

  1. Samsung, I had read promosing things about this but read members say that the Pioneers and NEC’s latest were slightly better at burning.

  2. Pioneer 215d, This one seemed to be my number one initially and nearly went for it. But I read the 216d is due in a few weeks time so it would seem a bad purchase to buy the drive that is due to be updated.

So in the end I opted for the NEC/Optiarc 7200s from for a very reasonable £15.94 delivered. Should be delivered Wednesday.