Best current lite-on CDR/RW (not DVDR) drive?

I just got a BenQ 1620, and that’s covering my DVD burning needs for the moment.

But I’d like a nice 3 sheep liteon which can read and write the latest copy protections, protected audio, and all that stuff.

Searching pricewatch gives a lot of results for very cheap 52x burners, and the alcohol soft sheep listing gives most of the drives a 3 sheep rating…

BUT… which of the newest CDR/RW lite-ons are really stellar in all-round quality, in terms of copy protection reproduction, reading/writing quality, longevity, the works?

I beg for the valuable opinions of all you cdfreaks out there in helping me make this decision.

Welcome :slight_smile:

All of the latest LiteOn CD-RW drives are good. Just buy the cheapest one you can find. :wink:

Hey, thanks for the greets :), and the reassurance. I’ll be sure to pick one up soon.