Best current DVD burner for +R?

sorry i usually just take a bunch of time and read forums till my head hurts to decide what to buy. but my nec3500 just bit the dust and i dont have a bunch of time…

so for +R burning , I pretty much always use TY media… is the Benq the best thing going now ? i dont care about the fastest or lightscribe , i just want burner to do a good job and last a while. to be able to use it and not worry about it. I dont mind doing FW updates but other than that i just want to be able to use it. my nec died after about 1.5 years maybe less. i also would like to be able to check the pi pif scans every once in a while ( witch i couldnt do with my nec)

so will the BQ last a while ??

or is there a better drive for me ?

so the 1655 then ? is that the newest?

… disclaimer… i did do some searching and ic the 1655 got a editors choice award at one place so it must not be too bad :slight_smile:

To this day almost all dvd burner makers have the same level in dvd burner technologg. So you just pick one of your favorites, like Pioneer, NEC or Benq…be careful, no Liteon.

I go along with BenQ but as for NEC I don’t know I thought NEC 3500 is more -R friendly.

thats funny cuz out of the two burners i have bought the lite on is the only one still working , its just not mine anymore … gave it to my father inlaw when i got the 3500, i should have kept it i guess then id have a spare to use.

FWIW the nec did a very nice job of burning the +r when it worked :slight_smile:
I just thought i would try something diff since i have to buy anyway and didn’t have good luck with it lasting very long.

any other thoughts anyone ??

i only burn +r’s. the benq’s still burn +r the best (for me). not counting old drives. i had a nec 3520 (returned, shabby burns), nec 3540 sitting in a box (ok burns, benq better). lite-on 1633 (reader/ripper, could never get this thing to burn at all, but man it smoked the doors off for rippin, retired). 1635s, nice +r burning on good media (almost as good as my 1640/1655) and for me the best burns i get are from my current 1640/1655’s. the scans are just great. i generally stick to ty-t02, mcc-003, mcc-004 (for me), cmc mag, moser-baer, adn some ritek r03 for beaters.

if you feed your burners with TY media, am sure most burners out there will give good result. But if you use variety of media, then you want to get a burner that supports most media and the one that supports a wide range of media are BenQ drives. But not all BenQ drives are good, stay away from the Q60. In addition, stay away from Liteon, it is a good reader, stay away from BTC made, and stay away from Panasonic, Samsung/toshiba drive for the time being.