Best CPU under $100?

What is the best CPU for under $100? I don’t care if it’s Intel or AMD but it has to be a retail package because I need the fan and heatsink.

Probably a mobile Athlon XP which you overclock.

Got my XP 2500+ retail running at 3200+ easily.

did you check ?
Keep in mind that all CPUs may not overclock this well but it does have potential.

I’m most likely NOT going to overclock it. Also, I’m not looking for necessarily the BEST processor for $100 but the best VALUE under $100. It’s not going to be for anything memory or graphics intensive. With that said, anymore suggestions?

If this is for a home system for yourself, the Athlon XP mobile, which as Diz said has massive overclocking potential. If this is for the business system for your father that you mentioned in a previous post, I’d probably say the Athlon XP 2800+ or the Intel Celeron D (Prescott core) 335 2.8GHz, or the Pentium 4 (Northwood core) 2.26GHz, all of them run at stock speeds.

Hasn’t the Athlon XP been replaced with the Sempron or am I a total retard? It’s for the business system, btw.

Well, you specified CPU in topic and I’d still say a mobile Athlon XP because even if you don’t want to overclock it runs cooler (easier too keep cool --> quieter) than a desktop Sempron CPU and you still have the overclock potential later on. XP-M also offers a larger L2 cache. At stock speed it’s still faster than the P4 Northwood mentioned above.

First off, I didn’t know that you could use a mobile processor in a desktop. But wouldn’t a mobile processor be much more expensive than it’s desktop equivalent?

Edit: Just looked at prices…the Athlon XP is more than I wanna spend. I want something under $100, preferably around $80.

One more thing… Is Celeron D better than Celeron (Pentium based)?

Celeron D is way better than Celeron.

Very important question…please answer quick. I’m looking on and choosing a motherboard. I’m pretty sure at this point I’m gonna go with a Celeron D processor. If the socket type is the same on the motherboard will it be compatible? For isntance some MB say they are for Pentiums, would this mean they won’t work with a Celeron? Do I need to find out what core types the MB supports or is that irrelevant?

Celeron D --> Socket: Socket T(LGA 775)
All motherboards sporting Socket T will support Celeron although take in account that Socket T motherboards are a lot more expensive than Socket A so you’re kinda killing the whole concept.

Actually, the CPU, I want is supposedly for a socket 478 MB and there are plenty of those to choose from.

Oh I see, you went for Socket 478.

Is that bad?

It’s not bad, though a Socket T (also known as LGA 775) mainboard will have a longer lifespan. Intel is (albeit slowly) phasing out Socket 478 for the LGA 775 socket. Celeron D CPU’s come both in Socket 478 and LGA 775. The 478 mainboard will be cheaper, but eventually, Intel will phase out production of Socket 478 CPU’s.

Personally, I think it’s not going to matter much one way or another for you, by the time you change CPU’s on this system (if it’s the one I think it is) you may change mainboards too…and there will still be quite a few Socket 478 CPU’s on Ebay. Most important is getting a quality mainboard for your money, whether it be Socket 478 or LGA 775.

P.S. The Celeron D chips for Socket T also feature Intel’s Execute Disable bit, which are supposed to reduce the chance of buffer overflows when running Windows XP SP2. Since hackers often use buffer overflows as part of exploits to take over systems, this is considered one more line of defense. Honestly, I think having good antivirus, a firewall, and some utilities to prevent spyware are bigger deals, though it can’t hurt.