Best copy protection killer

What is the best copy protection killer to get?

You mean in hardware, software?
What exactly would you like to know (good for me to know where to move this thread to as well…)

software. I heard alcohol 120% is good but is there anything better? I need something that can easily bypass securom copy protection as well as any others. what do you recommend?

personally I like blindwrite … cause you just use bwa file and name it same as image and there ya go … just rip and make minor adjustment in blindwrite. …that is software

and for hardware …I love plex premium cause it dont use twin peaks method …but that is just me


Blindwrite first for me and then Alcohol120%.

But it depends on the protection!

Maybe with the new upcoming BW 5 it will be only BlindWrite!! :bow:

I want copy tracks from the following type of audio protection cd.
Protection: Key2Audio
CD type: CD extra
Guide me what to tweak in blindwrite & how to copy?