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I have noticed that when copying certain disks one program might not work,whereas another will. I have DVDFAB Platinum, Copy95, DVD Rebuilder,Ripit4me,Shrink and Imgburn. I use Fab the most, but there have been times when it coudn’t copy a certain disk,or got a bad burn, so I tried one of the others, in some cases it worked. Does anyone on the forum prefer a certain program above the others? Just curious.

Ripping problems are a very different thing compared to burning problems.

If a disc cannot be ripped there are two main causes:

[li]the disc is dirty or scratched and data cannot be retrieved
[/li][li]the disc contains a new protection that the ripping software is not yet able to manage

If the disc is dirty/scratched, usually cleaning it or using a different drive solve the problem, providing that the disc is not too much damaged (aka a coaster).

If you get bad burnings, this has nothing to do with a bad ripping. Most of times a bad burn is due to a low quality disc. The burning/ripping software has no influence in this, because a bad quality disc cannot be transformed in a good media.

So, basically what you need is to keep your ripping softwares updated, and to use good quality discs for your burnings.

Current alternatives for ripping softwares are mainly AnyDVD (excellent, constantly updated but not free) and DVDFab Decrypter (I never used it but many people are very happy with it; it is constantly updated and is free).

Fab Platinum is the one I use most often…not a dud disc yet, even on DL (using Clone mode). :slight_smile:

DVDFab Plat is my chioce also .Use full mode mostly and a lot of DL disc and I have no complaints.


Rip with dvd shrink and autoburn with nero 6. I leave anydvd disabled to start with.

If dvd shrink encounters any of the following error messages:

1)CRC error
2)Invallid dvd navigation structure
3)Programming error-exception occurred
4)Copy protection error-the read failed because the sectors are encrypted.

The CRC error that dvd shrink can kick out can mean either damaged/dirty disc or heavily encrypted disc. It can be confusing.

If I do encounter any of those messages,then I’ll enable my background ripper called Anydvd. Then dvd shrink usually rips right through. Nero 6 kicks in after the encoding. Both dvd shrink and nero are in the background,so it’s like a 1 program process.

Sometimes this combo does have trouble with entire disc.A lot less issues for Main Movie only.

Once in a blue moon,this combo won’t work,but the combination of nerorecode2 /anydvd usually rips them for me…

CRC errors due to scratched/dirty/damaged disc: ImgBurn and Dvd decrypter are pretty good rippers. They may be able to get through them?

When it comes to the ever evolving encryption,gotta have several different routes for ripping.

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Always love this question (best copy program) if this post stays here long enough you will have many different answers. It like asking what is the best car? For my two cents worth anydvd and clonedvd.

[QUOTE=samlar;2017228]Always love this question (best copy program) if this post stays here long enough you will have many different answers. It like asking what is the best car? For my two cents worth anydvd and clonedvd.[/QUOTE]

I do agree with you there-there so many varied user experience asking the question is like you said what is the best car…there isn’t one single right answer as the answer is varied as is the users of the program itself and what they use it for…

My favorite burners are DvdFab HD and Ripit4me.

Everyone has a preference, it a user decision. Most have trials, use them and pick the one you like best.:iagree:

I posted my favorite backup programs earlier,but forgot to mention it’s for compressing dvd-9’s onto blank dvd-5 media.

Non compressed backups: Dvd-9 to Dual Layer/Double layer media or the Smaller low budget Dvd-5 flicks onto blank single layer media.A lot quicker process!

ImgBurn only. If any encryption issues arrise,then I kick in anydvd.

What works well with blank single layer media may not work so well with DL media!!!