BEST converter for MKV->AVI

Does anyone know of a user friendly and free MKV to AVI converter> seems like everyone is using MKV and I am set up for avi with my programs :frowning:

please help me find a good, free, and easy converter :slight_smile:

The Buk

You can do this with AviDemux or Xvid4PSP. Here is a guide for using them:

Also: VLC, Super, Format Factory.

It entirely depends on what’s IN the mkv file. If there are plain old avi (divx/xvid) files on it, normal mp3 encoding and some subtitles, it is fairly easy with normal conversion tools.

I’ve had mixed results with MediaCoder.

well my current issue is with episode 9 of the current season of Dexter … I really was hoping for something simple that would produce a 1:1 copy of the MKV file (same good picture and sound quality or at least close) and the only program I have gotten to work at all is my old AVS video tools … but the quality seems to suffer even at the best settings… seems like a lot of people are using the MKV format now and I need to be able to convert them to avis!!! XVIDPSP never worked right,… oh well… will just keep looking

What you might try is using something like Gspot,, or Mediainfo to see what codecs, bitrate, audio, etc. is used in the MKV and try setting your conversion app accordingly.

MkvExtractGui is another option, it’s more work but you might achieve better results.