Best conversion/ripping software?


Struggling to find any good recommendations. I’ve been using EAC to rip CD’s to WAV which is good for burning to CD. But I’d like to rip them to MP3 and OGG. What’s the best piece of software to convert WAV to OGG or MP3? I have used dbPowerAmp so could use that again and I know that I could do it using Goldwave but that’s an editing interface rather than a processing one. It would be good if I could just drag and drop a la MKW or FlacFrontend.

Also, it would be good to have a program that rips CDs better than dbPoweramp, but with similar capabilities.



you can also use EAC to rip to .mp3. Just integrate LAME encoder. Or give CDEX a shot. MP3 and OGG are already incorporated, as far as I know. For OGG, try oggdrop.


Easy CD-DA Extractor is GREAT…Best un I’ve ever used…Will do it ALL…RIP/Audio File Format Converter/Audio CD Creator…All in One…