Best Container for Long-term Dvd storage


I’ll be going to Europe for 3-4 years and need help on selecting the best storage container for my collection of 2500 dvds. The dvds will be stored vertical in a dvd case and in a climate controlled unit in Arizona.

Would a cardbox bankers box be suitable? Acid free bankers box? Rubbermaid container? Some sort of air tight container? Will any type of desiccants (Clay, Silica) harm the dvds if stored in the same container for such a long period of time? Vaccum sealing is probably not a good idea.

I do have backups of all the dvds (Verbatim DL) and storing them somewhere other than the storage facility is not a option.

I’m thinking of using Mylar DVD case wrapper for added protection.

I’m also debating if I should replace all my dvd cases for backups with a push to release or pushbutton hub dvd case from Nexpak.

For that many DVDs, I say your best bet is to just use 100-pack spindles. (You can buy empty ones at Meritline for a few bucks each.) I could only fit about 250 DVDs in slim cases in a bankers box, so with 2500 DVDs (and not even slim CD cases), you’re going to have a alot more than 10 boxes. I know they say you should store CDs vertically, but that’s only a safety precaution to prevent warping in case they are rested on an uneven surface (as in a DVD binder laying on its side). Spindles keep them from moving around and the hard plastic keeps them from damage. Just avoid all sunlight, heat, and water. Spindles in a large plastic container that you can get at Home Depot for storage.

If they’re going to be stored in a climate controlled environment, I fail to understand your concern for additional “protective” housing. :confused:

Personally I’d just put the DVD cases vertically in simple shipping cardboard boxes, fill the things up with some filling material to prevent excessive movements inside the boxes, and close the boxes. :slight_smile:
Dont know about getting them in the US.