Best compression/conversion program

I just bought a Lite-on dvd recorder (standalone that plugs into tv) to backup home 8mm movies.
What is a good way to convert these dvd’s so that I can edit them with Adobe Premiere or programs like premiere?

I had bought an ATI All-in-Wonder 9700 (I think that was the model), but for some reason when I capture the video through the analog inputs, I can’t get DVD quality compression. I have a lot of lag and dropped frames.

I contacted the company and did everything they said to. I bought a fast harddrive with 200 gb space. I have a AMD 2100 processor, 512 mb ram, liteon cd-r and dvd-r, soundblaster audigy 2.

Of course ATI says it’s the software and Pinnacle says its ATI. Why can’t I capture and edit home movies??

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Is there a good DVD to (whatever the best compression is) convertor?? I don’t want to rip illegal movies, just edit self made dvd-r’s.

Thanks for reading this. This forum is great. Hopefully I’m in the right forum for this question.


I am a bit puzzled at exactly what you are trying to do. Are you saying that you use the Lite-on recorder to create a DVD (recording via the Lite-on analogue inputs), and then you are trying to re-record it it to an MPEG2 file (say) by playing back through your PC graphics/audio card analogue inputs?

If so, this may be unecessary as you have already digitised the recording via the Lite-on making it easy to process on the PC if you have the right software.

Assuming I have interpreted what you are saying correctly (I apologise if I have misunderstood), then I would recommend that you either use Nero Vision Express which will take a DVD (produced by the Lite-on) and extract it directly to an MPEG2 file which you can easily edit in other authoring programs. This assumes you have a suitable DVD reader on the PC.

Alternatively use Nero Recode to create MPEG4 files (Nero’s own format - Nero Digital) but very good and fast compression (I just converted a 4 hour DVD to 2 CDS with virtually no loss in quality inside 1.5 hours). Incidentally, the latest version of Nero Vision Express will also create MP4 files as well. I guess there is less ability to edit these though using Nero Digital files).

There are other packages on the web that will extract a DVD to mpeg2 format as well (some are freeware).

Hi, I have just read your message again, and I think you are saying you used to to use a PC/software combination, but now you use the Lite-on instead. I would still recommend Nero as above. I don’t doubt there are better ones around, but Nero is certainly one of the easiest and fastest.

I bought an ATI All-IN-Wonder graphics card so that I could capture video directly from my 8mm camcorder via analog cables.

I used the included Pinnacle capture software.

For some reason I couldn’t capture DVD quality video without time lapse problems and dropped frames.

So, I got tired of the Hardwear and Softwear companies jerking me around, telling me the most ridiculous things to do like totally reformat my hardrive, and I said, “screw it” and bought a Standalone Liteon DVD recorder.

My thinking was: Hey, if I went from camcorder straight to DVD then maybe it would be easier to transfer a digital file into my computer rather than capture an analog file.

The standalone dvd recorder works great. But, how the hell do I convert the DVD into an editable file.

I will try to find Nero Vision. I use Nero to backup my computer. I have a Liteon DVD recorder on my computer also.

Thanks for the response and feel free to add any other advice you can think of.

You can download Nero Vision Express for a free trial period by clicking on the following link: “Package 2” is NeroVision Express or you can Try Nero 6 Ultra Edition.

I converted the Lite-on DVD+VR file to DVD-Video using TMPGEnc DVD Author1.6. You can download a 30 day trial at the following link: It was very easy to use and let me manipulate the video files created by the 5005 to make a very good DVD video disk.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the links. I tried The Nero recoder and I kept getting read errors. Something about a cylindrical error or something.

I tried to update yesterday to latest version of Nero Recode and got internal read errors! If you read the Nero forums in this website, it seems other people are also having problems with latest updates.

In most cases, it is recommended that you fully uninstall old versions and do a clean install. I guess this does not apply to you. I will try and see if I can get latest version of Recode to work (it looks like there is a duff DLL Nengui.dll which is causing the problems - it is possible to disable it by renaming it but if you do Nero digital MP4 compression does not work).

I have also found that my 5001 gives stream errors when I attempt to copy the VR Mpeg to any other format like SVCD or Divx AVI. Running it through Videoredo will correct the errors and give you a file that can be edited and authored…