Best Combo

I was reading this month’s PC magazine and noticed John C. Dvoraks Inside Track section. In it he stated that “according to a few anonymous experts, the absolute best combination CD-R and CD-RW drive ever made” was Plex 12/10/32. Opinions?

It’s a nice drive, absolutley. It just can’t (couldn’t) deal with safedisc2 very well, and that is a big downside in my opinion.

Yes the Plex 12X was great and I still have one. I’m not using it anymore but my brother is enjoying it every day. It’s not that good for some copy-protections such as SafeDisc 2 (as mentioned) and SubChannel Data reading which is officially not supported for this drive. I like my Plextor PX-W4012A better since it’s faster overall :wink:

I think the article was just saying that at higher speeds like 40x the CD’s have better chance of errors. Thats why they consider 12x better because its moderatley fast yet good for avoiding errors, I am not sure about this though.

So,Dutch what do you think about a Plex that’s has a top speed
of 24X. I’ve had this one for about 5 months,and I’ve one or two CD go bad,your opinion?

Dunno. 24x isn’t that fast to be much of a concern. Your coasters are normal. Everyone has coasters once in a while because of improper burns. Even my so called “best combo” drive has its occasional coasters. If you had the drive for 5 months and it only produced 2 coasters then its not bad at all. I think the only time that speed comes into play is when you get to really high speeds such as 30x+ in my opinion. The 48x burners are extremely fast and I am wondering about their error rates.

Yeah,Dutch,gotta have a good burn for those CDJ-1000’s!!