Best combo is NEC 2510A & DVD-ROM?

I’m new to this but after weaving thru all the info in the forum it seems there isn’t really one “best” dvd writer.

For 2 drive system:
Positives: 2510A has good DVD writing, dual layer, bit setting, good media compatibility.
Negatives: has some trouble reading some scratch media so to offset that use a good DVD-ROM drive.
What would be good ones? Toshiba, Liteon?

For 1 drive system:
Pioneer 107D is good all around but pickier about certain media, no DL and no bit setting.
Plextor 708A/712A is good but expensive, no DL?, no bit setting?

Liteon 832…not too sure…
Is this an accurate assessment?

Actually, a better combination would be to replace that DVD-ROM with a LiteOn combo. :wink: When I checked Newegg a week ago, the 52x LiteOn combo (the ones being sold as rebadged Sonys) were only $10 more than the LiteOn DVD-ROMs.

For a 1-drive system, I’d most definitely pick the 812S/832S. With firmware hacking, most of the the DVD quality issues can be resolved. :slight_smile: (and for some media types, it can even outperform the NEC) Plus, it’s the best reader, the best CD burner (speed, quality, and copy protections) (well, except for the 712A–that’s faster, but also will cost you an arm and a leg), and you also get KProbe.

Q: Is this an accurate assessment?
A: For the most part.

First welcome to the forum. There are at least a zillion LiteOn 812S vs. Nec 2500A, aka 832S vs. 2510A, threads here on this forum. The NEC 2510A does not have native bit setting (book-type setting), capabilities; you must install modified firmware to do this. The problem with doing this is that it voids your warrantee. If you need book-type setting and can accept this, the NEC is a good choice. The LiteOn 832S can do all of these things with native firmware, but is not as good a writer as the NEC. If you are willing to install modified firmware on the LiteOn, same deal on the warrantee as with the NEC, then you can use codeguy’s OmniPatcher to “roll your own firmware.” For a one drive system the LiteOn is probably the better overall choice. For a two drive system I use a LiteOn writer (812S) in combination with the NEC-2510A with modified firmware. I see the Pioneer 107D as a good drive, but not one that I would purchase and I have similar opinions as you on the Plextor.

@BlackWolf I think u are forgetting the new firmware for 832S VS08 which makes any NEC drive crumble into dust.

The agony of choice!

I came across an issue on the NEC faq… do the 2510a drives have a lot of problems with nforce mobos?

I’m leaning towards the liteon 832 at the moment but not sure. One extra benefit is the liteon comes with nero6 express which I’d need since I have only 5.5 (locked to a liteon cdrw). I do have a liteon dvdrom so I could use that for reading/ripping. Most of my burns will be data backups with some mpeg video/vcd/svcd and name brand media.

I wouldn’t say that VS08 does that well…

Problems with the nForce mobos is universal for all drives, not just the NEC.

Sugar size granules? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys!

So it seems in a 1 or 2 drive system, the liteon 832 would be better choice because it has many the features supportred natively and hack bios can give it better writing capability?

What about Benq 822A? Is that one worthwhile? I thought it is suppose have dual layer capability with future BIOS updates?

For the DVD-ROM drive, any recommendations? I have already a liteon 52246 CDRW drive so I don’t need a combo.

Oh and one more thing, what would be the minimum for a system do you need to make use of DVD writer?
Thanks alot for your help!

Hmm… not encouraging but good to know. Thanks.

It seemed to me he meant 812S hacked to 832S since 832S costs a lot more than 812S. :wink:

The NEC ND-2510A has bitsetting for DVD+R DL media included with the stock firmware (2.15). It does not bitset single layer DVD+R/+RW media though.

The 832 looks like a great drive until the Pioneer A08 comes out. The minimum chip is probably a 700 to 800 mHz if you plan to do DVD burning.