Best combo for backing up owned DVDs

I have the latest versions of DVDFab Decrypter, DVDFab Platinum, DVD Region+CSS Free, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD, and DVD X Copy Platinum at my disposal. My question to all the experts on backing up “owned” DVDs is which combination is the best :confused: ? So far, from what I have read, it’s a toss up between AnyDVD + DVDFab Platinum (Express) or DVD Shrink + DVD Decrypter. Any other software combos I should consider? The less clutter I have to deal with the better. Thanks for your consideration and advices.

Any DVD and DVD Region + CSS Free are running in the background and can serve a lot of programs that rip, shrink and burn but do not decrypt. DVD Fab Express and Gold does decript so does not need any of the first mentioned applications. On the other hand DVD Decripter is a free application to rip even recent releases to HD and then you can use DVD Shrink - another free application - to shrink and also to burn the results. But the folder created by DVD Decripter is not always readable by DVD Shrink. This “combo” is free so you can not complain anyway.

AnyDVD and Clone DVD2 come from the same developer and are a “combo” and can be considered as a competition to mDVD Fab. On this forum it is not polite to praise products other tha Fab. However there are people here who curse Fab and praise Fab and if you visit the AnyDVD forum you will see complaints about AnyDVD there as well.

All this depends on your PC system. If you have a stable one you should be able to run any of them otherways you have to try which suits you.

I find that Platinum in Express Mode works best for most of what I do. Use Gold sometimes, but not as much as Express. I started using Fab when the combination of DVD43 with ICOPYDVDS2 would not back up newer DVDs. DVD X Copy Platinum also did not back up these DVDs. I have tried the others too. For DLs the combo of Any DVD and DVD Decrypter handles layer break better, but I have had success on DLS with Gold Mode.

But remember what works today may not handle what comes out tomorrow creating the need for frequent upgrades. Also you will find trolls on the forums that make error statements about a product, but refuse to help the developers duplicate the problem.