Best Collage bound laptop



What is the Best available laptop at the best price? I need to upgrade to laptop for online collage classes and I don’t want to be stuck at my PC desk during all of these classes. I want the laptop to be well built and has the following

  1. 1GB ram
  2. Great cooling no overheating
  3. Removable DVD-+RW Burner
  4. Great screen viewable Outdoors
  5. Have some sort of 3D accelerator capable of running N64 emulators.
  6. Decent price $

Thank you for giving your opinion currently I have looked at some Acer products that match this criteria.


Mobile A64 IMO…though i haven’t read too much about Turion yet…

  1. faster RAM I/O due to an on-die memory controller
  2. runs cool and has AMD’s cool&quiet active throttling technology
  3. depends on the particular model you get
  4. same as above
  5. faster than intel CPUs “clock for clock” i.e. 2ghz A64 is faster than any Pentium@2ghz
  6. affordable


They let you in without the ability to spell College correctly? :bigsmile:


Pentium M without a doubt, A64 still sucks compared to Penitum M:


care to elaborate DiiZzy? i’m interested to hear the whys…or do you want to leave your denigration as is?

here are some links that Zeroi786 might find useful in his research:

article on the announcement of Turion:
AMD’s comparison of Turion to Pentium M:,,30_118_12651_12658,00.html
AMD’s comparison of Mobile A64 to Pentium M:,,30_118_10220_10221^11029,00.html
Turion line might get dual core chips:
ArsTechnica discussion about the announcement (very insightful and comments from some articulate and experienced people):
Thread from forums:


Anandtech did a review of the Pentium M (Banias & Dothan) compared to the athlon 64 (1800Mhz) about a year ago.

The Turion is basically a lower power (not performance) version of the athlon64. Performance will be the same as the desktop processor (at the 2800/3000/3200 clock levels).

The pentium-M comes out on top for application performance (like wow, I really need MS word to run faster!).

Athlon comes out faster for Multimedia/encoding/games, but as usual, not by much.

Point here is:

  1. AMD has support for 64bit.
  2. Turion supports dual channel memory which will give it better performance.
  3. Pentium 4 has lower power consumption. (hence longer life or smaller/lighter battery
  4. Performance is similar regardless.

That said.

  1. Pentium4 will have longer battery life or a lighter design.
  2. The HD will be the main issue here. Laptop HD’s have a platter size 2/3 the size of a 3.5"HD, and based on 2pir, that means that HD performance will be between 1/2 & 2/3 of a desktop based HD, aka 15-25MB/s vs 30-45MB/s(desktop) @ 7200 RPM.
    Most laptops these days come with a 5400RPM HD aka 12-20MB/s, which is nasty. 4200 RPM HD’s, I dun even want to think about.
  3. I have yet to see any laptop with a dual memory interface. They generally only put a single Dimm in the laptop & expansion capability for a single dimm.

My personal choice would be:

  1. Turion, as the battery life would be less important to me, most of the time it would be operating on mains power.
  2. Turion, as I’m 6"2" and the extra weight of a cheaper laptop wouldn’t make much difference to me, over short distances.
  3. Turion, cos it can use windowx64 & 64b app’s as well as current 32b.
  4. Turion cos Intel charges a premium for chips which are negligibly better, hence a turion laptop will likely be cheaper.
  5. With the money saved over the Intel chip, I’d upgrade the laptops HD to a 7200RPM (& bigger) model.

But Dizzy is correct. For most people, the Pentium-M will be a better choice.


You better battery performance (and overall performance is great), I’m not entirely sure but I guess that Speedstep works a lot better than AMD’s “slowdown CPU clock to save power function aka PowerNow”. You have also a wider selection of laptops compared to A64, I’d personally have a look an Asus laptop although they seem pretty hard to come by in the US. And btw, try not to mix up CPUs…
Pentium M is not the same as Pentium 4…
Anyhow I seems like a mixed bag (depening on manufacturer) when it comes to battery life.


I would either go for a Pentium-M or Turion laptop. Thing about Turion is that it hasn’t been on the market for such a long time now and it’s kind of hard to tell how that will turn out. I think it will turn out okay (given the low TDP of the CPU and an architecture that already proved itsself) and even beat Intel at some points once more. As said, there aren’t that many different Turion laptops yet, so you would be rather limited in the amount of laptops you can choose from and since it are integrated systems, everything that comes with that (you’d have to settle for a small diversity of features).
Another thing to think about is the software support. If you run Windows, there isn’t much to worry about, but if you think about running another OS like Linux, make sure you get something supported! Or at least, something that will most likely be supported somewhere in the near future.

Personally I’d go for the Turion CPU (as I am kind of an AMD freak ;)), but there are plenty of good reasons to go for the Pentium-M based laptops as well, despite the fact that in many points the Turion is superior.


A funny thing you mention…
“if you think about running another OS like Linux, make sure you get something supported!” - Why in the world would you then go for something very new and untested solution such as Turion. I dont see why there’s a reason to hype Turion, AMD CPUs have a tendency to get into low/mid-end laptop (quality-wise)…
Oh yeah, I found this link too:


Well there a some “real” brands like HP (Compaq) etc that produce AMD based laptops. To me that’s good quality.

Turion is not untested btw… Turion is just a slightly modified version of the K8 architecture. As it’s for more than 90% the same compared to the standard A64 CPUs, there is not much that needs to be tested anymore. Besides that, what does that have to do with the non-Windows compatibility? The CPU is hardly ever the problem when installing eg Linux on a Laptop. Getting ACPI to run correctly, WLAN etc etc… that’s the hard part.


Or my personal favourite is the video card … which has failed on two out of 3 PC installations so far … the biggest issue with me personally adopting linux. I’d need two things to work in minor capacity… Graphics (for gui) + Network. Mouse & keyoard are hopefully generic :wink:

That said.
The turion is an Athlon64 with “powernow” which works similar to Intels powernow.


Yeah, Centrino is really tricky to get working…
As for that matter, HP isn’t exactly high quality nowdays unfortunately. IBM (I know, there’s another company making their laptops), Asus (which also produces Sony’s VAIO laptops according to rumors), Dell (Hi-end series only) is quality.


i don’t think Turion is untested at all, it’s simply a rebranding of existing mobile A64s which have been around for a few years now…there is one Turion model that has a lower thermal output than any existing mobile A64 though…

Fujitsu laptops are good from what i’ve heard/read…


Go for whichever suits you.

Personally, I’d go for pentium M because it’s lighter and longer battery life because that’s what I consider mostly when getting laptops.

If I need power, I’d get a dualcore A64 on desktop, not a Turion laptop. :wink:

And please, get your Pentium-M(If that’s what you choose in the end) from IBM.
HP = crap
Sony = overpriced
Dell = no comment :slight_smile:


Agree. Get either the IBM T series or X series, with 3 years warranty and 8 or 9 cells battery that can last 6-7 hours (4-5 hours on max performance). :wink: