Best choice to burn?




Excuse me for my poor english language.

My question is simple : what is the best choice to burn between Ones, ImgBurn, Droppix and Cheetah DVD Burner ??

I am not speaking of the price of the software, but the quality of burning final.
I know he must use a good brand of support (verbatim. …) with a good DVD recorder, but the software must be equally important in the quality of the burning not?

Could you help me in my choice for the best burn possible?

Last question: is there a translation into French for Cheetah DVD Burner? And if one chooses ImgBurn, it must be completed by software to rip and burn audio CDs? But which make it compatible with Vista 64?

Thank you


Burn quality is decided by your burner and firmware. Choose the burning program with the best feature set for your needs.


I am not so sure what the software does not affect the quality of the engraving.

Indeed a few years ago I used Deep Burner Free, and regularly missed the burn.




i use ImgBurn with Pioneer 115D and Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media.


I agree with [B]tropic[/B]; the burn quality is independent on the software used, except in very extreme cases (*).

Choose a good burner and good media that are compatible with each other and use a safe burning speed. Choose whichever software has the features, price and ease of use that satisfies your need.

(*) An extreme case would be a burner with poor relinking combined with software that has inadequate buffer size, which then forces the burner’s buffer to empty, which then forces the burner to stop and restart burning continuously, which then produces more poor relinks than would otherwise have happened. This is very uncommon but not impossible.