Best cheap enclosure for the NEC-3520a

I’m looking to get the NEC-3520a (at newegg) and get a nice external aluminum enclosure to plug into my laptop (though the drive won’t be doing much traveling off my desktop). l probably be using Firewire 99% of the time; but do want USB support too. I’ve looked into the Bytecc cases, but am a little confused on which ones will get the full 16x write speeds. Also, looking to keep the case at $50 if possible. Any suggestions for models/vendors?

Thanks in advance,

I have this one ( ) from NewEgg. Works perfect for recording/flashing/reading. It is however only a USB enclosure. Also, I believe you will only get about 12x speeds externally as I am with a 3.0G machine.

Be aware, that the case is a nice aluminum enclosure…But…You will need a SMALL screwdriver to remove the face plate. It is not made with any easy release screws. It is a real nice case once it is setup!


My NEC 3520 is inside a Vantec NexStar2 combo enclosure and with latest FW for the Prolific chipset it works fine both via firewire and USB.
This enclosure is plastic though but looks not so bad. :wink:

Thanks for the advice. I was looking at another thread and following the interesting discussion on problems getting the full 16x when the drive was in certain external enclosures because of inadequate IDE (UDMA) support.

I ended up ordering a Plumax PM-525C2-PPS from dealsonic. The thread indicates most people seemed to have the best luck with the Prolific chipsets for external enclosures because they seemed to be the best supported/easiest to upgrade/most likely to get 16x; while the Oxford 911 chipsets seem to be the most unlikely to work and there was little to no flash upgrades to fix the problems.

For those of you that suggested other cases, are you getting 16x? What’s your chipset?

I just stumbled upon the same enclosure, but was wondering: does it support 16x speed burning?

I just got the drive and the enclosure in the mail today. So far it works great; but haven’t been able to speed check it yet. The little fan on the back of the enclosure is cheap; but the encosure itself seems pretty good. It’s all plastic, but well constructed. It won’t win any awards, but is great for the price.

So far it seems to think it can run at 16x; but I’ll check it for real as soon as I get some 16x media in the next day or so. Stay tuned!

Thanx, hope it works out. :iagree:

I haven’t gotten the 16x DVD media, but it burns CD’s at 48x with absolutely no buffer problems via the firewire port. I only have USB 1.0 on my laptop; so I can’t test that. Looks promising so far though.
Enclosure itself seems to connect pretty well in XP. I just plug it in (turned off), flip the power switch on, and it gets recognized almost 100% of the time. Now, plugging it in while the external enclosure is ON yields only like a 30% chance of being recognized correctly. However, I’ve found this true for other enclosures too.
The 16x test is coming when I can get the media (it’s finals time right now)

I have an older Genesys firewire enclosure (10 MB/s only) which I use as an external HD. It works just opposite: I have to turn it on before connecting the cable to get the drive recognized. However, when my notebook falls asleep, the drive powers down and when the notebook wakes up, the HD starts up again.