Best (cheap) CD / DVD resurfacing method?

Greetings. I’m not sure if this is posted in the right spot or not, but this area seemed to be on the right track. :slight_smile: I’m just wondering what the best cheap method of CD / DVD resurfacing is. I’ve tried a few methods, but they didn’t work too well. :frowning: I’m looking for something (maybe a kit) that’s in the 10-15 U.S. dollar range, which does an excellent job. Looking to resurface a couple of my old Playstation games which are becoming harder to find now. A friend of mine had one of his DVDs resurfaced (not on a machine, or expensive equipment) and it turned out flawless / near flawless. You can’t even tell that it’s been resurfaced to look at it. Any information’s appreciated. I’m sure a few of you guys resurface things now and then. :wink: Thanks.

Some cheapy CD-Scratch repair kits with 2 part solutions (like the Fellowes) one worked somewhat well for me. Well enough to get the data out. Not sure if it’s suitable for genuine black-polycarbonate games from PS.

Also - check wid rental stores that have DVD’s - some will do discs at $3/ea (i’m in AU)

Yeah, there are a few places around that resurface for a few dollars. I’d just prefer to do it myself, as I like my games, and I’m very picky. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like the discs to have a surface like a mirror when finished. Might end up having a game resurfaced if it’s done extremely well. I’ve seen so many botched resurface jobs, so that makes me hesitate a bit. I’d much rather do a home job. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

LOL - myself - lucky … no botched nothing - some of the rental stores here in AU resurface to new condition - maybe u should trial their services first with a home-scratched cd-r :slight_smile: We got some industrial machine in our rental stores that does a beautiful job.

BTW, which games are they? Why not try cleaning the discs & reading them to image files in Alcohol 120 % at the slowest speed your drive will go? I’ve had several bad home-resurfacing experiences here in the US with a ‘disc doctor’ too. (I got rid of that thing quick, as some CD players would no longer read the disc!!!)

Well, the thing is…the games play fine, but I wanted to resurface them as I like to collect. I have backups of them already which I play using a modchip. By the way, a couple of the games are Einhander, and Street Fighter Zero 3. Both import versions. :slight_smile:

Here’s a comment on how to fix scratches using crazy glue and an old player.