Best (cheap) CD/DVD media?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out the best media to buy for CD and DVD.

CD for Linux distros, for e.g. but the odd CD for music (I usually use mp3s and an mp3 player). The OS on the CD means that I need a good quality burn so it needs to be of decent quality.

Second question is about codes and how to determine what a CD/DVD that is for sale either online or in a store is. I read here about a particular media and media brand but there is often a code following. But, when I shop or search in a store, I don’t notice the code usually. How do you know which media matches up with which code? Is there a list here or some site that gives that info?

For e.g., I read that Verbatim and Prodisc still has good media but you want a certain code and those two brands are widely available but I rarely see the code for it listed with the discs that are for sale.

I did buy TY media recently but I was wondering about alternatives. I read that TY uses the cyanine dye and not the phthalocyanine which is supposed to be better. I was going to shop for phthalocyanine dye discs although it’s a little more difficult shopping when you are trying to compare and match up phthalocyanine discs AND codes.

Could anyone suggest some discs or refer me to any threads/info which list the better quality yet affordable (CD and DVD) discs?

Is it rare to find one brand that makes equally good CD and DVD media? Is TY and Verbatim (for e.g.) good at DVD media while another brand has quality CD media?

The main usage would be to hold data storage and DVD movies.

I really only use Verbs or TY media for either CD or DVD and really they aren’t that much more expensive , expecially when yo find Verbs on sale, and you should have that much more confidence that the media will last.

All those that considered Ritek G05 media to be good but inexpensive are finding to their cost that it was a false economy.

Every CD-R media except for Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi/Verbatim’s SUPER AZO is phthalocyanine. So you could go for Ritek or CMC and these are definitely halfways decent phthalocyanine.
But nowadays the dye doesn’t make a difference at all, and I believe you should not believe that TY is inferior because of the dye.

I can’t think of any good reason for not picking TY first and Verb 2nd and avoiding the rest.

Is being a media addict reason enough? :o

I’d be more concerned if you collected them like stamps! :wink:

Any Verbs? I read on here a discussion about Verbatim outsourcing or shifting production to India and discs produced there to be of lesser quality than the previously manufactured discs. Could you or someone clear this up for me?

Regardless of what that story is about or proves, I was wondering how I know which media to look for? In other words, which code for Verbs? I believe TY has TYG02 and that is one of the best? I found the Taiyo Yuden FAQ.

Btw, is Imation any good? I read that it is often quality media but I don’t know about that.

For CD-R, I want?:
Maxell CD-R (any? the one in stores, such as Walmart, is ‘made in Taiwan.’ Any good?)
TY CD media (watch for batch code? 80/74 PGxxx?)

For my first bout with Imation DVD+R, the first 2 DVDs had manufacturing defects that wouldn’t allow them to be burned. After that, there were a few issues with some discs [not all at the same point on the discs], but I would still buy them because they were cheap made in Taiwan discs. [My discs ended up being made by CMC Magnetics, by luck, I suppose. I don’t know how to check for specific manufacturers.]

I think you are right - the best (cheap) DVD is TYG02. :bigsmile:

I’ll second that “best cheap disc” part.