Best CDR Software! DA BEST



hi everyone!!!
What’s the best CDR software out there for download???


Nero is the best all purpase recording software.
CDR-Win is the best for PSX copying.
Clone-CD is the best for those hard-to-copy-protected-game cd’s.


pSyChO dAd


Prassi PrimoCD Pro64 is the best
Feurio v1.31 is the best for Audio
cdrwin 3.7 & BlindRead ruls


I agree with Vinculum

BlindRead in combination with CDRWin 3.7

Have phun


i use cdrwin 3.7 for almost every cd
only for mp3 to wav cd’s i use nero and for realy hard protected cd’s i use clonecd or duplicator
i have never seen a cd that i couldn’t copy


  1. CloneCD
  2. CDRWin 3.8 (has more options and better writing than 3.7, but be carefull for blacklisted registrations!!! it fucks up your cds)
  3. Nero 4088


i agree with Psycho Dad.
clone cd and nero are the best combo.
delirium, what is the best serial to use for cdrwin 3.8?


i would say that nero is the best all-around package, because you can just do so much stuff with it. i pick clonecd for the safedisc games and protected cds and thats about all ya need. of course, i also have cdrwin, blindread, fireburner and other progs installed just in case. and don’t forget, fireburner is the best for burning BIN and ISO files! way better than CDRWin!


Can anybody give me a working cdrwin 3.8a-e serialnumber!!.. mine hase fu**ed up 5 cd allready…?? PLS i am desperat now!.


i just use nero for everyday usage and for strictley duplicating i use clone cd 2.0.24
cdrwin rox also…but i kinda like nero better…
maybe its because i havent played with cdrwin as much…and for making vcd`s from my own private collection of tapes i use winoncd…


cdrwin 3.8a-e serialnumber

Name : CD Freaks
Email : Best CDR Software

Unlock key : DF59910E-D52159DF-ECC33095-3437FA3B

Check key : EB6E6B35-0A78C8D1-39E2694A-D8F4CAAE


I use nero for all my backups and until now he do’s his job, just fine. Because my burner isn’t supported by clone cd, i don’t use the prog, but i’m planning of bying one in may


That’s right, use that serial number to reg CDR Win 3.8a. Now here’s a little tip:

After you’ve regged, there are two files in the cdrwin dir that you need to pack into a zip-file. These files have the extension .cnt and .dat .

If you archive these two, and then if you ever update your cdrwin, put back these two files, and you’ll never need a serial again.

And then there was nothing



I tried your codes to unlock CDR WIN 3.8a(copied and pasted them to be exact) and I get an error code “Your unlock keys have expired; more than one year old”. What is the problem???



the same shit happend to me too. if u know what to do pls let me know!..

Best Regards