Best CDR Manufacturer?


Which is the best manufactuerer in Market today for CDR Mediums.

Heard that Ritek is a good one. Am I right ?

Any other manufacturer who is equally good or better ?


My Cablenet speed is 6K. It sucks :slight_smile:
Any better cablenet provider in Mumbai ?

Ritek makes huge volumes, and most of the Ritek media I have stumbled upon was good, but some was not so good…

Tayio Yuden, Mitsubishi and Mitsui make good media.

Here you go… :wink:


I have seen different color CDR in market. Some have a greenish bottom while some have a dark blue one.

How to identify a good CDR ?

Which is a good manufacturer and also their mediums are affordable.

<Koday is way too costly for mass distribution>:p

Is there any place I can get reliable info on prices of different mediums ? :bigsmile: