Best CDR for Volvo 3 CD Changer

Hello All;

First post, please don’t be too harsh. I recently burned some downloaded music to a blank and attempted to play in my new Volvo 3 CD Changer sterio. Would not play. Tried changing formats from modified MP3, to MP3 to .WAV. Same result. Read somewhere that some sterio’s will not play blanks. Others said change blank CDR’s. Can anyone recommend a CDR brand to try? Hate to keep on buying blindly. Thanks in advance.

I am sure the cops will lock this thread down. But as far as CDR blanks to use, look for Fuji’s that say Made in Japan or the pro audio Maxell’s (though be sure to look to make sure they are still MIJ, as well). These are Taiyo Yuden discs, normally and are the top disc recommended. You can look for them online through media discounters and buy them in bulk, but if you only need a few, buy locally and look for those as I said. Not finding MIJ Fuji’s or Maxell’s, check out Radio Shack (this is all assuming you’re in the 'States) and look for Ridata. I have had good results with these discs and Ritek CD-R’s are also highly recommended.

That should answer your questions on what CD-R’s to buy. However, discussing D/L’d music, movies, etc. is against the forum rules and why this thread will probably be locked by one of the admins. Which is also why I did not answer your question as to how to burn those songs to the CD-R once you get a good brand. You’re on your own for that.

Hi johnnyk3, welcome to the forum!

Are you burning Data CDs with mp3 files and/or WAV files on the CD?

Or are you burning Audio CDs from mp3 and WAV files?

Data CD and Audio CD are two completely different formats, and only the Audio CD format are suported by all players! Whether your Volvo CD Changer can play Data CDs with mp3 files is unknown to me.

Have you tried playing the CDs in a stand-alone CD player at home, or a DVD player or a ghettoblaster with CD player; I don’t mean your pc, because a pc will play almost anything when using the right software.

Thanks to Saruman & DrageMester for your responses. I was using audio CDR’s, at least that was on the package. When I could not get music to play in the Volvo system, I called the Dealer asking if there was a certain format that would allow the playing. The Dealership said in Volvo’s, Mercedes and some other car’s the blank CD is slightly thinner than the prerecorded version? That is why it would not play. I read somewhere to try vaious CDR’s to see if any would work. That was the reason for my original question. Anyone ever hear the “thickness” theory? Thanks.

You don’t reply to DrageMester’s question…:wink:

The “data” against “audio” question has nothing to do with the blank, but with the burning process: do you select “audio CD” when you make the compilation before burning, or “data CD”? That’s the result of this process that makes your CD “audio” or “data”. You need to make and audio CD to play it in your car (or your standalone CD player).

Actually, can your play these CDs in a home standalone CD player?

Which burning software do you use?

Personally, I urge you to only play CD-R’s MIS (Made in Sweden) featuring older, retired groups like ABBA who are obviously Swedes. Volvo CD changers have been known to even reject discs by Norwegians and Danish singers.

Hmm, I thought that Volvo was acquired by Ford Motors, so shouldn’t the Volvo CD player be capable of playing American Country & Western also? :bigsmile:

Kidding aside, we’re still waiting to hear whether the problematic CDs are in Audio or Data format, and if they can be played in other players.

Sorry about the original reply DrageMester. Mis-interpreted your question. Can’t respond this eve as I am at work and will need to check the home PC burning software and stand alones. Will reply tomorrow. Thanks


Suggest several things-

Have had very good results in various automobile cd players (including a newer Volvo) with Ritek based CD-R’s burned at 16x using the EAC audio recording program available free from:

Happy Burnin’


Great app. :iagree: I couldn’t live without it anymore… :bigsmile:

Just want to say thanks to everyone for all great responses. Just wanted to follow up to answer some questions from yesterday. I did try the CD I burned in my other car, Honda Pilot. Worked great. Also worked great in my daughter’s boom box. The software I used to burn the CD came with the PC. There are two software’s and tried both, Dell Jukebox and something called Sonic. Both gave options for the user to select - burn a CD for home or car use.

I assume the problem is with the Volvo deck. I will try bigmike7’s suggestion. Thanks again.

For what it’s worth, my 02 Civic’s CD player chokes on pthalocyanine (silver/silver type) discs – I’ve tried Riteks and Nanyas here – but works flawlessly with cyanine (silver/green or silver/blue-green type) discs – I’ve tried Taiyo Yuden discs for these.

It can read the pthalocyanine discs, but very “slowly” – spins up and down for up to 5 minutes before recognizing the disc, or on shuffling through tracks. I currently only use TY discs in my car, and they work just as fine as pressed CDs do.

If you’re looking for some discs to try, I recommend:
Taiyo Yuden (these can be found online, or if you buy Fuji brand, look for “Made in Japan” on the packaging - not “Made in Taiwan”)
Verbatim (cheaper than TY, quality has gone down a bit recently due to some outsourcing issues, but they’re easy to find and might work great for you)
Ritek (I would no longer recommend their DVD media at all, but their CDs are still top notch in my book; these use a different dye type than the ones above and may work better in your Volvo.)

My bet is that your car’s player has a definite preference for one of these types of discs. As usual, stay clear of el-cheapo blank discs, as they’ll likely cause more grief in the long run.

Thanks reptile. I’ll try and reply.

I recently bought a 2003 C70 Volvo and am experiencing the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? I found an old memorex disk the worked (the ones with the white labels and blue type). So far, that’s the only one (and I only have 3 or 4 disks left!).


If you read this entire thread - I believe that you will find your answers-eh!

Has anyone suggested burning (recording) the CD-R slower? I’m usually not in a rush to put a music disc together, so I mostly burn them at 4x. The slower the burn, the easier it should read in most CD players. Check your recording software and set the burning speed to about half of what you were recording before. Example… If you were burning at 16x before, try setting to the recorder to 8x and see if your Volvo deck can play the disc afterwards. Hope this helps.

This is not necessarily true. I mostly burn at 32x :slight_smile:
The rated speed = best speed idea is not fully correct with CDs… so…

Also, many recent drives will not allow slow speeds.
This is, what my Liteon CDRW SOHR-5239V reports:

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Grundlegende Informationen
Disktyp: : CD-R
Hersteller: : Taiyo Yuden
MID : 97m24s01f
Schreibgeschwindigkeiten: : 12 X - 16 X - 24 X - 32 X - 40 X - 48 X - 52 X
Kapazität: : 79:59.72
: 703 MB


This drive will have to allow slow speeds with low speed CD-RW, I believe. :slight_smile:
Well, those who need slow speeds should get Plex then ^^

Admitted, but CD-RW is something different.

Well, those who need slow speeds should get Plex then ^^
No need getting a Plex. My LG 4163B supports 4X-8X-16X-24X-32X-40X for TY CD-R.

With quality media, errors will normally not increase if a higher speed is selected. The only advantage of slower speeds may be lower jitter, and this might affect playability on some audio CD players.

Will do some experiment:

Burning an audio CD at 8x (if possible) and at 40x
Scanning the drive for errors and jitter at 40x using Benq DW1650
What media shall I use?
Verb Pastell (TY) 52x, Verb DLP Super AZO 52x, Platinum CMC 52x, Sony 40x
And what writer?
Benq DW 1650, LG GSA 4163B, Samsung SH-W163A

Choose one of each! Waiting for your choice :wink: