Best CDR burner according to jitter plots?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Looking for a new dedicated CDR burner, mainly for audio purposes. What I want is a burner not only showing low C1 figures with good media, but also extremely low and constant jitter levels, like my old Plexwriter 24/10/40A did (7-7.5%, very flat :cool: ).

I’ve heard Plextor drives aren’t as great as they once were, but maybe for CDR they still are?
Do Yamaha still produce premium CDR burners?

Thanks for any opinion. :slight_smile:

All things considered, LiteOn is still the best value in CDRW. Yamaha is out of business. Plextor may be the choice of the truly finicky obsessive crowd, but the evidence of any real benefit in performance is just not there.

How can you argue with a $25 burner that does most everything? Now, if you want to measure jitter, that narrows the choice down a bit.

I’ll wager that the various audio forums will have opinions in abundance. I still use an “old” LiteOn 52327S, and still love it. I think I paid $125 for it. :o Recently I needed to rip and re-burn some truly horrible CMC discs that my dad burned on his audio recorder, the 52327S was the only drive I have that could do it. These discs would barely play and had C2 all over the place, the LiteOn ripped them at 4x with no errors.

Hmm these days it seems to be tough to find any other drive as LG,BENQ,Lite On or Plextor (52/32 budget model)

So no real premium cd -writers.
Maybe waite till Plextor launches there Premium 2.(if it will be released in europe.)

Yeah the Plexwriter 24/10/40A is really nice. (Still have one.)

About Lite On 52327S it has some issues I still think that they screwed up the support of Verbatim Metal azo (8x/16x) disc’s. On some batches it really burns bad while on any other drive I used media of that same batch the C1 levels were below 2 average and no C2 with my Lite On 52327S the C1 errors were bad and I had C2.
Also on high speed jitter can get high but that’s a problem allmost any writer has. Don’t burn at speeds higher as 24x when it comes to jitter.

The LG one I have is a beauty (GCE-8520B) - I wouldn’t get rid of it for love nor money. Can’t say on the jitter, as I have no drive capable of measuring jitter levels. I have a Sony CRX230EE also (a rebadged LiteOn something), but I haven’t used it enough to see how it stacks up against the LG. :wink:

Only of limited help here, sorry to say :slight_smile:

Since there doesn’t seem to be a whole crowd of people flooding this thread with scans from superior CD-RW burners, I thought I’d just add my own perspective and scans.

If the purpose of buying a drive is to get superior burning quality on CD-R media, mainly for CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio), then an obvious answer would be to use a dedicated CD-RW burner.

But what if a DVD burner manages to burn CD-R media with superior quality?
Would you consider that, or is it plain heresy to even suggest such a thing? :slight_smile:

I’m going to show you baseline scans of two (older) reference CDs, so that you can see the best jitter scans that my BenQ 1655 drive can produce. From these scans it would appear that either the drive or the drive in conjunction with CDSpeed reports a minimum of 7% jitter.

Then I’m going to show you scans in the same drive of three different CD-R media burned at 16x (CLV) in my NEC ND-4551A drive. These scans have excellent C1 averages and no C2 errors, and two of the three have jitter averages extremely close to 7%. The “worst” jitter of the three is with the well respected Taiyo Yuden CD-R media, but in this case it’s soundly beaten by the Verbatim Super AZO CD-R, and beaten on jitter by the Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R manufactured by Moser Baer.

If you’re interested in more scans of these three discs, I have scans performed on my Plextor and NEC 4551 drives as well. I also have a few scans of burns at higher speeds, but personally I wouldn’t burn faster than 16x CLV when burning Audio, so I don’t think jitter is that important for the faster burns.

So here come the scans:

  1. [li]STAKKATO Die Hörtest-CD von Audio (1984)[/li][li]Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs UltraDisc II: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon[/li][li]Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO CD-R 52x (MCC type 3)[/li]Burned at 16x in NEC ND-4551A 1-X3, scanned at 24x in BenQ DW1655
    [li]Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R 52x 700MB (Moser Baer type 6)[/li]Burned at 16x in NEC ND-4551A 1-X3, scanned at 24x in BenQ DW1655
    [li]Plextor CD-R 48x 700MB (Taiyo Yuden type 1)[/li]Burned at 16x in NEC ND-4551A 1-X3, scanned at 24x in BenQ DW1655

Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile:

Of course not. :disagree: :wink: - in case you don’t remember, I’ve input several times on this board that I found my NEC 3540A and 4550A outstanding CDR burners, with very low and constant jitter levels. I’m happy to see that you have the same experience with your 4551, and also very interested (and suprised) that just like me with my own NEC drives, TY results are slightly disappointing jitter-wise (compared to burns with other premium CDR media).

The problem is, I want to install a burner dedicated to CD-Audio burning (which [I]may[/I] be a DVDR burner) in one of my machines. Neither the 3540A nor the 4550/4551A are available anymore where I live, and I couldn’t find reports from the 4570A that would include jitter plots. So I’m looking for an alternative. :slight_smile:

Of course, if I can’t find any 100% reliable alternative (I couldn’t find jitter plots from the LiteOn that [B]CDan [/B]mentions… :(), I’ll just put one of my NEC drives in that machine, but this won’t be convenient for several reasons (that are too long to explain here…).

On the topic of low jitter for audio: I’m myself not 100% convinced that this is important, with my own hi-fi equipment I can’t hear anything peculiar unless jitter gets as high as 30% (in Benq scans) which is the case only with very bad burners and media :Z . BUT I burn a lot of audio CDRs for demonstration purposes (for my band), and I like to be on the safe side, one never knows on what kind of equipment these will play, or which kind of “ears” will pay attention, so I try to keep jitter as low as possible… :slight_smile: simple precaution.

Actually I don’t remember you saying that. A sign of old age perhaps? :doh:

The 3550…4551 drives are still available here, which is why I chose to post scans from my 4551 drive. That doesn’t help you in any way of course.

I have read, that there is little correlation between jitter measurments performed by a three-beam laser pickup (all computer drives and most recent CD Audio players) and jitter measurements made by single-beam laser pickups. Players with only single-beam laser pickups can have problems reading discs that play 100% trouble free on three-beam drives.

Whether high jitter can be heard also depends greatly on the equipment used for playback (i.e. the D-A converter) and on the listener.

So even though I have never really tried to test the audibility of high jitter on CD-R media, I would still play it safe and go for burning CD-R with minimal jitter - we are in agreement on this. It’s better to be safe than sorry! :iagree:

Problem (probably) solved :cool:
I found a 4550 in stock online.

@[B]DrageMester[/B]: indirectly, you did help me, as your input had me searching harder for a NEC 3550/4550/4551 still in stock… :bigsmile:
Also thanks for the link to the article about jitter, I’m not sure that I understood everything though LOL (surprising to find such an article at CDRInfo BTW…)

So still looking for a cd-writer or giving up on it ? Plextor europe did announce that the Premium 2 will be released in europe. And since you want to use it for audio burning the premium 2 does come with Audio Master Quality Recording. This technology has been proven to produce lower jitter.