Best CD-Writer

LG 52x 65.00 US$
Samsong 40x 60.00 US$
SMI 32x 57.00 US$
Teac 40x ??.00 US$

:confused: Witch one is the better?

Nero Burinig

:confused: Witch one is the better for copy protection games and software?

Thanks for help:bigsmile:


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which one is better ?

LiteOn and CloneCD ; There is no substitute , but perhaps people will tell you Alcohol 120% and AsusTek.


CloneCD & Alcohol. (both)


I agree…use Alcohol120 and Blindwrite also.

I sent an email to clone cd and they said lite on and plextor were their users best choice, but there isn’t a drive that is 100% capable of making perfect copies.

Is this true?

lite-on (try yourself which one, among 40-48-52x) and alcohol 120%.
and nero, if you do compilation and not only game copies.
think no drive and software combination maybe is capable of copying everything; but drive manufacturers post firmware revisions for that, and so do software companies.


LiteON 52246S works well (and very fast) for me. But as giomatta said anything from 40x to 52x will do, just depends how fast you want it to be.

People have been saying that the new Asus Drive is one of the best so far…IE fast read and wright …blows through the Read Errors faster than any other drive…

People usually use Alcohol 120% and CloneCd together so you can get the BWA files you downloaded to work…:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Well I’ve downloaded alcohol 120%, I already have clone cd.
I find most thing copy ok with clone…haven’t had failures yet with it.
Yes when I sent my email to clone cd elaborate bytes people ( it was last year sometime) they wrote back saying lite-on were regarded by ‘their customers’ as being best for data cd copying and plextor were best for karaoke and sound music type cds.

Of course the market may have changed somewhat since then.